Project Archive


Amy Cook: Climatic controls on flood events affecting communities of the Northwest Territories

Ankita Sahrawat: Study and Analysis of Sediment Loss in the Saskatchewan River due to Construction of E.B. Campbell Dam

C. Cosette Shipman: Planetary Health Case Study on Harmful Algal Blooms on Lake Victoria and the Associated Risks to Fishing Communities

Haley Brauner: Representation of Spatial Heterogeneity of the Baker Creek Watershed in the Land-Surface Hydrology Model, MESH

Kabir Salisu: Jackfish Lake Water Quality Assessment Strategy

Pablo Rodriguez: Climate change impacts on transboundary water resources of the Hay and Slave River basins

Sadiq Ajani: Evaluating Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture algorithms in CLASSIC

Tyrone Miranda: Refinement of the Zehner aquifer water balance