Climatic controls on flood events affecting communities of the Northwest Territories

Student: Amy Cook

Partner: Dr. Ryan Connon and Dr. Anna Coles from the Government of the Northwest Territories website

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Ireson and Dr. Karl Erich-Lindenschmidt

Date: May-August, 2019

A project report submitted in partial fulfilment for the Masters in Water Security degree

Executive summary


Site Description

Data analysis

Summary of findings




I wish to thank the following individuals:

  • Dr. Coles and Dr. Connon from the Government of the Northwest Territories for their enthusiasm, assistance, and encouragement during this project.

  • The GNWT for funding that allowed me to spend a wonderful summer in Yellowknife while doing the project.

  • Dr. Lindenschmidt for providing feedback, guidance, and expertise in the field of river ice science.

  • Dr. Ireson for his patience, support, his attention, and for believing in me throughout the program.

  • My partner Chris for his unyielding support and encouragement along the way, for keeping me on track, and for not giving up on me when I felt like giving up on myself.