Research positions

I am seeking to recruit a graduate (Masters or Phd) student or postdoctoral researcher to work on numerical model development and application in two specific areas of hydrology, described below. Any interested applicants should contact me, with the subject line: “SHYR group opportunties”. Interested applicants should have an aptitude for programming in python and FORTRAN, and must be able to understand and implement the mathematical and computational methods applied in this paper:

Ireson, A. M., Spiteri, R. J., Clark, M. P., & Mathias, S. A. (2023) A simple, efficient, mass conservative approach to solving Richard’s Equation (openRE, v1.0). Geoscientific Model Development, 16(2) doi: 10.5194/gmd-16-659-2023

Research topics:

  1. A model for field-scale root zone soil mositure, that can be used to simulate climate change impacts of crop yield in the Canadian prairies. We will be developing a new, simple, modular soil moisture model that incorporates crop growth. The model will include critical prairie hydrological processes, including snowmelt infiltration that is critical to recharge soil moisture.

  2. A model for thawing permafrost in the Canadian shield, that simulates fully coupled flow and heat transport in two dimensions, and can be used to test hypotheses about the controls on permafrost thaw and associated development of hydrological pathways. The candidate must be able to understand the thermodynamics of freezing soils. This work will be collaborative with a team of researchers conducting field work in the Northwest Territories, and may also work on development of the SUMMA model.

Masters in Water Security

You are welcome to contact Andrew (andrew.ireson@usask.ca) for general inquiries about the MWS program.